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Firefly Yoga

Let Your Light Shine!

Kristen Boggs, owner of Firefly Yoga, believes in the transformative power of yoga, especially Buti Yoga. As a certified yoga and Buti instructor in Clayton, NC, she is passionate about sharing the benefits of yoga with others. Her classes are designed to help student's find joy, build strength, and cultivate self-love. Kristen is available for booking of workshops, special events and pop-up classes at local yoga, fitness and wellness venues. 

More about Kristen...

Kristen offers a variety of classes suited to all levels of yoga practitioners (beginner to advanced), including All Levels Flow (Vinyasa), Power Flow, Restorative Yoga, Myofascial Release, Yoga Sculpt, Yin, Buti Yoga, Hot Buti, Deep by Buti Yoga, Buti Bands, and Buti Sculpt. 

She is available to teach a variety of workshops, pop up classes and special events in nearby yoga and wellness venues. Kristen is an insured Registered Yoga Teacher and Yoga Alliance Member, holding a variety of certifications and specialties.

Kristen's classes foster a friendly and welcoming environment with a judgement-free and caring atmosphere. New students won't feel like a stranger for long as Kristen is always welcoming and encouraging.

Shine Bright

As a yoga instructor with a passion for helping others, I am committed to creating a warm and welcoming environment where students of all skill levels can connect with their bodies and minds. I believe that yoga is about more than just flexibility and strength- it's about finding balance, cultivating awareness, and embracing inner peace. Contact Kristen to schedule a class or workshop today.

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